For the purpose of coordination the following
data applies to this repeater VE4TED.
TX 146.730 RX 146.130 – PL Tone Access 127.3 Hz
Repeater location Assiniboine Community College,
1430 Victoria Ave East, Brandon, MB

Latitude 49d 50m 30s N
Longitude 99d 55m 15s W
Google Map Location

Height above ground level 60 ft
Height above sea level 1250 ft msl
Antenna omni

Transmitter Power output 25 Watts VHF
3 db gain (VHF) 10 Watts ERP
PL Tones Standard noise squelches

Repeater Owner: Brandon Amateur Radio Club

License Sponsor: Kevin Munson – VE4MR (Advanced Basic Morse Code )
Contact Name: Kevin Munson – VE4MR
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 204-727-6907

NOTE: All calculations are pure power.
No allowance is made for insertion loss from duplexer, coax or connectors.