Local 2 Meter Nets

Hayfield … Every Sunday at 19:30 on
Repeater VE4BDN…. 146.940 (-offset) no tone

Bruxelle … Every Thursday at 19:30 on
Repeater VE4HS…. 146.880 (-offset) tone of 127.3 hz
…..also available via All-Star node number 503613

Trans Canada Net

Trans Canada Net, 

  Sundays and Holidays

on 14.140 at 18:00 UTC

Net Manager, Tom…VA7TA

Manitoba Weather Net

Daily on 3.743 or 3.745

at 8:30 am, MB time


Manitoba Evening Phone Net

Daily on 3.747

at 7:00 pm, MB time

Saskatchewan Public Service Net

Daily on 3.735

at 1:00 UTC/7:00pm SK, time

Saskatchewan Weather Net

Daily on 3.753

at 14:00 UTC/8am SK, time