Brandon Amateur Radio Club Inc.
71 Queens Crescent, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, R7B 1G1
History of BARC new VHF/UHF repeater VE4CTY located in the
Brandon City Hall using VHF frequency 146.04/64….127.3 Hz
Princess Towers, 248 8th St, Brandon, MB…UHF 448.700/443.700 DMR

2005 March 3 – Dave Snydal, VE4XN, president of BARC approached Brian Kayes, emergency coordinator for the City of Brandon for financial assistance for this repeater, to which he agreed and they will pay for the antenna/duplexer and the VHF crystals. The call sign “CTY” is very fitting for this repeater as it is located on the City Hall where in time there will be emergency power available and the primary use of this repeater will be for times of emergency. ($329.67)
2005 April 11 – Applied for and received VE4CTY callsign, BARC cheque 017 same date ($60.00)
2005 April 19 – ACC donated Motorola VHF repeater equipment including the cavaties.
2005 May 8 – Bruce Johnson VE4KQ donated a GE Mastr Executive II repeater and a Sinclair model 0233OE S/N 16879-2 duplexer.
2005 May 17 – Marm donates a telemast for VE4CTY
2005 May 29 – Bruce Johnson VE4KQ purchased the GP-9M dual band antenna and MFJ916B duplexer at the Dayton Hamvention for us as requested on his suggestion.
2005 June 8 – MARM donates an equipment rack for VE4CTY originally from VE4KQ
2005 June 10 – Kevin Munson VE4MR begins the task of getting this repeater all together and functional on VHF/UHF
2005 August 10 – Ron Bullock VE4YQ made the three brackets for the antenna mast that will adorn the City Hall.
2005 August 22 – Kevin Munson VE4MR of Imperial Radio donates 51 FEET OF ½” Heliax and ends.
2005 August 27 – A crew consisting of VE4XN, YQ, SY, BAE, BER, GWP, JEF, OM erected the mast and dual band GP-9 antenna on the Brandon City Hall, 9 Th St and Louise ave..
2005 September 6 – Kevin Munson VE4MR donates and ID controller for the UHF freq of VE4CTY
2005 September 8 – Murray Ronald VE4RE donates a UHF preamp for VE4CTY.
2005 September 16 – MARM donates 3 – 24” BNC CONN patch cords for repeater use.
2005 October 10 – Kevin VE4MR received the controller for VE4CTY VHF repeater.
2005 October 29 – VE4CTY Equipment moved to City Hall and on the air. Those assisting VE4XN, MR, BAE, GWP, YQ, BER – VHF – Freq 146.64-, UHF 448.700-
2006 September 9 – New 4 section mast on CTY ANT – BAE, XN, CA , YQ, GWP, KLG – VHF 1/4W ANT ON 2M STN which was destroyed. Proper XTLS for UHF 443.700+ ordered/received.
2007 December 18 – UHF repeater removed to install the proper offset XTLS.TX-448.700 RX-443.700 tone access 127.3Hz
2008 January 9 – UHF Repeater back on site at City Hall.
2020 October 14 – License Sponsor: Kevin Munson – VE4MR (Advanced Basic Morse Code)
2022 November 5 – The UHF repeater was replaced with a Motorola XPR8400 digital repeater and placed on Princess Towers at 248, 8th St. Brandon, MB.
2023 March 30 – The Motorola VHF repeater was replaced with a Kenwood TKR750-1, with Raspberry Pi for AllStar node 496130.
2023 April 28 –  At Brandon City Hall, Auke – VE4JAG removed the old UHF – GE Exec II Repeater and the old VHF – Motorola Micor Repeater.  As well, he removed the surplus UHF duplexer.  Auke also rearranged and cleaned up the rack.
2023 May 24 –  At Brandon City Hall, Auke – VE4JAG and Darrell – VE4ACD installed the radials on the VE4CTY-VHF antenna and raised it higher using the telescoping tower.