Honorary Club Members

Ted Duffield….VE4AL
Ted became an honorary member of the club in 1978.  He was a generous support of the club who let all the club members use his two meter repeater, VE4TED, with autopatch, at no cost to anyone.  VE4TED now belongs to the club.
Ted now has the call VE4DN.
Ted became a silent key on 8 October 2006 at the age of 81

Humphrey Davies….VE4AO
Humphrey became an honorary member of the club in 1985Humphrey was a founding member of this club and, it was in his basement where the club met and formed in 1948.
Humphrey moved to Qualicum Beach, BC in 1986 and had the call VE7GEH where he used the phonetics “Girls Enjoyed Humphrey”.
Humphrey became a silent key 2 March 2001 at the age of 90.

Murray Ronald….VE4RE
Murray became an honorary member of the club in 1985Murray has and is one of the most generous and thoughtful supporters of Amateur Radio and is, and always will be, a great contributor to this club.
In 1972, under his supervision and guidance VE4BDN repeater was born, with nine others sharing the cost to get it on the air. This club has not paid for any hydro/rent since its inception.

Kevin Munson….VE4MR
Kevin became an honorary member of the club on 2 November 2006. Kevin has contributed many hours over the years for the club. He has kept our repeaters in working order. He has responded very willingly to our request for any technical assistance that we have required. Kevin is very deserving of this honour.