Brandon Amateur Radio Club Inc.
71 Queens Crescent, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, R7B 1G1

Back Ground info on VE4IHF Repeater:

1987 – VE4IHF Call (International Ham Fest) was obtained by Dave Snydal VE4XN sect/treas/IHF
1988 – VE4IHF call first used from the communication shack behind the lodge during the Fest
2002 – VE4IHF/WØ – Permission from Industry Canada and FCC to use this call for the repeater at the St Johns, ND site.
History of BARC’S newly acquired VHF/UHF repeater VE4IHF located at Adam Lake, MB using VHF frequency 146.85/25 and UHF 444.325/449.325

2009 July 11 – WCØM 5TH wheel west side of center field IHF. Attng VE4XN, AGS, KQ, WCØM, Dave XN informed those present that he received a phone call from John Moore WØYHF, a tech for United Telephone Mutual Aid Corp informing us that the tower at St Johns is under new ownership. He said that we are to move our equipment to the new shack at the site. And that we must purchase and Industry Standard Lightning Arrestor by Poly Phaser which is about $140.00US – His address is 5701 West, 121 St Street, Apple Valley, MN 55124 701-370-9512 WØ . Ass Gen Mgr is Denis Hansel 701-256-5156. We all met John WØYHF at IHF.

2010 May 17 – Bill WCØM, became a silent key. VE4KQ, VE4XN Attended the funeral service in Rolla ND. On May 22. On July 7, 2010 the Brandon Amateur Radio Club assumed all the assets of the Turtle Mountain Amateur Radio Club, including a fund of $1293.62 which is invested in a RRB GIC which will be used to maintain VE4IHF/WØ and Bruce, VE4KQ has agreed to maintain the repeater. On July 9 Dave, VE4XN emailed John, WØYHF informing him of the WCØM passing and our ownership of the repeater equipment. He will get back to me in this regard.

2010 August 18 – On Wednesday at 7:45 PM,  I Dave Snydal, VE4XN phoned John Moore WØYHF, consultant for UTMA that we are withdrawing from the St Johns, ND site as there is not enough usage, costly LLIA INS, restricted access to the site, crossing the border etc etc. I gave John the dates Bruce VE4KQ and I are available to meet him at the site, Sept 4– 10 or on Thursday or Friday Sept 9/10 to retrieve the repeater equipment. As Bruce has the green cards for all.

2010 September 9 – Thursday at approximately 1:45 PM VE4IHF/WØ is off the air and the repeater equipment removed from the St Johns, ND tower site.
Bruce VE4KQ, and Dave VE4XN, did the removal and Bruce plans to put the repeater back on the air temporarily from his cottage site at Killarney until we find a suitable repeater site north of the border.

2010 September 11 – Saturday 10:00 PM, VE4KIL (VE4IHF)146.85/25- 127.3 tone on the air from the QTH of VE4KQ at Killarney. VE4KIL call will be used until we get an ID board for VE4IHF.

2010 November 13 – (approx) Bruce, VE4KQ removed the duplexer which will be tuned up by Kevin, VE4MR, hence the repeater off the air presently.

2010 November 29, – NHRC Repeater controller purchased for VE4IHF repeater $317.16.

2011 May 27 – Repeater equipment cabinet purchased from Canstar Enterprises, Starbuck, MB, all aluminum 24”X17”X54” $778.40. Bruce, VE4KQ donated a diamond X700HNA dual band antenna as we were allowed to put the antenna at the top of the tower, not side mounted as previously planned. We will keep the Diamond X50NA dual band antenna for a spare, cost was $86.35. The X700HNA has more gain.

2011 June 22 – Parts for the antenna installation etc. $6.58

2011 JUNE 24 – VE4IHF on the air from the Adam Lake location.
Elevation at Adam Lake is 2321 ft and the antenna is up 120′ which is approx 20” higher than it was at St Johns, ND.
It should be noted that Bruce Johnson, VE4KQ, donated the 150′ of 7/8” heliax and all the repeater equipment and I-Netlink climbers did the antenna install, Thanks Charlie Clark, CEO I-Netlink.
The monies from the Turtle Mountain Amateur Radio Club were used to fund this repeater.

2020 October 14 – License Sponsor: Kevin Munson – VE4MR (Advanced Basic Morse Code)

2021 February 3 – Due to high winds, the tower was toppled at about the 70′ level. The tower owner said they will be tearing down the tower and not replacing it. VE4IHF is off the air.

2021 February 10 – Bruce Johnson – VE4KQ and his son Wes, removed the repeater from the Adam Lake site.  The antenna and heliax were damage beyond salvage.