Lloyd's-VE4AEA, power supply for Field Day 2020.
Lloyd's-VE4AEA, fancy and patented antenna support system Field Day 2020.
Bill-VE4WJM working field day with Jim-VE4JIM and Kevin-VE4MR on Zoom....
Greg-VE4GKM, voltage test on 24S4P Li-ion portable battery pack for 2020 Field Day,
Greg-VE4GKM, 24S4P Li-ion waterproof battery pack for 2020 Field Day.
Greg-VE4GKM, getting full.....
Greg-VE4GKM, everything packed and ready to seal up.....
Greg-VE4GKM, size comparison of a 20L container to a portable water proof container.
Greg-VE4GKM, campsite for 2020 Field Day,
Greg-VE4GKM, Icom 7300 and tuner for 2020 Field Day,
2020 Field Day, VE4GKM making contacts....using an Icom 7300 and a home made doublet, dipole antenna cut to about 16.75' each side and fed by ladder line into a manual tuner.
Kevin-VE4MR contact list for 2020 Field Day.